Simultaneous material and psycho-spiritual progress

  1. Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai was the founder of Jeevanvidya (
  2. He worked selflessly and steadfastly for 60 years, to disseminate Jeevanvidya. This enabled people to break through their shackles of blind faith, meaningless rituals, fatalism, etc.
  3. Jeevanvidya is logical, secular, universal and eternal. It is applicable to the entire mankind.
  4. Due to this, people achieved all-round happiness, peace and prosperity.
  5. Jeevanvidya’s main motto is: You are the architect of your destiny.
  6. Satguru’s unique contribution to mankind is that this philosophy enables a person to simultaneously balance his worldly and psycho-spiritual progress.
  7. His knowledge is available in his books, CD’s and TV programs (0800 hrs, DD, Sahayadri Channel-II on Sundays).
  8. You will get a lot of information on the website mentioned above.
  9. May God Bless you and all.